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Department of information technology (IT)

The IT Department is responsible for the equipment and systems in charge to provide the required levels of availability and stability, providing the services needed to ensure daily operation of all offices work.

We have the most versatile equipment with the latest technology, helping our staff to boost productivity.
Our operations and information management are processed with the latest generation of enterprise-class servers, able to achieve peak performance, to give you the best possible service.

Recent deployments with service impact to our customers and partners:
  • Latest server technologies
  • Lastest workstation technologies
  • Cisco technology
  • Voice over IP Telephony
  • Barcode Scanners
  • CUMMINS generators of Natural Gas supply
  • Alestra technology partner

We have the technological infrastructure network for communication between our offices and mobile users:

  • Synchronous dedicated links
  • Bandwidths over 20Mb Internet
  • Redundant Internet
  • Internal network of voice and data
  • MPLS VPN network monitored 24 hours

Back-up electrical power
In case of electric outage in our offices have generators to supply electricity from natural gas, giving our customers confidence that their operation is always ongoing.


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