To offer advantages that distinguish us from the rest, we improve the various aspects related to the handling of the goods. Within the duty that we have:

  • Forklift
  • Door palettes
  • Barcode readers
  • Label printers
  • Communication radios
  • Digital video cameras

Our office staff has the optimal equipment for the operation:
  • Workstations
  • Wireless access
  • Documents scanners
  • Multifuncional office printers

In addition, messaging staff has SENTRI to fast-moving between branches in Mexico and crosses to United States.

Stand-by generators

In case of electric outage in our offices we have generators to supply electricity from natural gas, giving our customers confidence that their operation is always ongoing.
  • Natural gas/propane engine generators
  • 7 kW to 150 kW range
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Paralleling Equipment and Switchgear
  • Monitoring and manage Systems


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